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good news iran: Iran’s economy records 3.3% growth in first half year

According to the Central Bank of Iran, economic growth in the first six months of the current year1400 (March 21, Sep 22, 2021) in the Iranian calendar was recorded at 3.3%.

The CBI data showed that the service sector grew by 5.7% while the industry witnessed a decline of 1.9%.

The CBI report also indicated that the oil production increased by 15.1% and the agriculture industry saw a downward trend and decreased by 2%.

Non-oil economic growth was recorded at 2.4%.

As regards foreign trade, exports and imports of commodities and services in the first half-year compared to the same period last year witnessed a growth of 15% and 24.3%, respectively.

Also, according to CBI figures, the GDP growth rate was estimated at 4%.



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