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good news iran: ‘Zen’ wins at Turkey’s Rotary Short Film Festival

Written and Directed by Mohammad Reza Golpour, ‘Zen’ has won Special Jury Prize at the 13th International Rotary Short Film Festival (ROFİFE) in Adana,Turkey.

The synopsis of ‘Zen’ reads, “The wind blows and flutters the door of the nursing home, the eyes are fixed on the door, and waiting. It overwhelms everyone in their dreams.”

The cast includes Mahmoud Jamiei, Mehri Al Agha, Terudi Flamaki and Heidar Toloui Nia.

It was also selected as the best short drama film in the 11th China New Media Short World Festival.

Rotary is the first and biggest Non-Governmental Organization in the World that enhances the quality of lives of societies, targets to meet societal needs, operates becoming widespread of world peace and intercultural sympathy, and it has formed its main philosophy.



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