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good news iran: Iran to export $14bn petrochemicals by yearend: Official

Ahmad Mahdavi Abhari Secretary-General of Petrochemical Industry Employers’ Association broke the news on Thursday on the occasion of National Day of Petrochemical Industry and reiterated that it is predicted that the country would export about $14 billion worth of petrochemicals by yearend.

With the coordination made in this regard, it is predicted that petrochemical industries of the country would produce 93 million tons of petrochemicals by the end of the current Iranian calendar year in 1400, he added.

He further noted that petrochemical industries of the country have brought about currency yielding of about 76 percent as compared to the corresponding figure of last year.

Domestic petrochemical companies have registered an eight percent growth in the first nine months of the current year (from March 21 to Dec. 22) as compared to the same period of last year.

He put the exports value of petrochemicals in the nine months of the current (from March 21 to Dec. 22) at $10.5 billion.

Mahdavi went on to say that petrochemical industry has delivered more than 8 million tons of urea chemical fertilizers, valued at $2.130 billion, to the agricultural sector of the country.

Turning to the sanctions imposed against Iran, he emphasized that petrochemical industry has earned $11 billion worth of revenues for the country annually on average during tough sanctions imposed against Iran.



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