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good news iran: 2nd ECO train from Pakistan en route to Istanbul crosses Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (IRIR) said in a statement on Sunday that after the first train within the framework of Asia Anew Initiative or the ITI Corridor, successfully carried out its mission, a second train consisting of 24 wagons left Azakhel in northeastern Pakistan to cross Iran and then Turkey after the coordination of customs and railways, forwarders administrations in those three countries.

As many as 525 tons of talc powder in bags of 50 kg will be transported from the Azakhel dry-port in Pakistan to Istanbul in Turkey after passing a distance of 6,440 km and using the Iranian railway network.

The consignment crossed the Mirjavah border crossing of Iran on the shared border with Pakistan in 24 Pakistani wagons from Pakistani origin and after arriving at Iranian Zahedan station and after going through customs formalities, it was transferred to a covered goods wagon. A CIM bill of lading has been issued for the cargo.

The train will cross the Razi crossing on the shared border with Turkey and will be transported to its final destination in Istanbul of Turkey.



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