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good news iran: Call for papers for 6th int’l conference on languages, translation, literature

Tehran (ISNA) – The call for papers for the 6th Annual International Conference on Languages, Linguistics, Translation, and Literature was published.

“As every language is a kind of treasure of the culture of a nation, the neglect of this treasure can pave the way for the death and destruction of that culture,” according to the call for paper.

Multiple uses of multidimensional values of languages can improve the economic and political situation within societies and between different societies, and would be a powerful key to solving many of the existing global challenges in complex dimensions. So, reviewing the values of a language is inevitable.

The previous editions of the conference were held in Ahvaz which one of them was online and the results of them were published inside and outside the country.

The 6th edition of the conference is also expected to be held in the second half of the current Iranian calendar year (began on March 21), aiming at reviewing the latest findings in the fields of linguistics, translation, literature and etc… with cooperation of different domestic and foreign universities.

In this regard, domestic and foreign researchers and academics are invited to send their paper in English or Arabic languages to WWW.LLLD.IR.

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