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good news iran: WB agrees to pay $90mn loan to Iran to fight COVID-19

Head of Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) Fekri reiterated, “In spite of US and Zionist regime’s opposition, the World Bank has agreed to lend $90 million worth of loan to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fight against COVID-19.”

By ignoring the efforts of the United States and Zionist lobby, the World Bank agreed to grant $90 million worth of loan to the Islamic Republic of Iran to fight against COVID019, he stressed.

Turning to this issue that the loan has the lowest interest rates as compared to other international finances, Deputy Ministry of Economy said, “All the pharmaceutical and equipment needed by the Iranian Ministry of Health for combating COVID-19 disease will be purchased and delivered to the country, so that problems ahead of money transfer through banking system and sanctions will be ineffective in this regard.”

Getting loan from the World Bank was approved at the last meeting of the Cabinet, he added.



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