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good news iran: Iran, Turkmenistan trade volume exchange up 84% in 2021

Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development Rostam Ghasemi and Turkmen Vice-President Serdar Berdimuhamedow in a meeting on Saturday referred to an 84 percent increase of trade between Iran and Turkmenistan in 2021 and evermore expansion of bilateral relations.

During the meeting, Ghasemi and Berdimuhamedow discussed intelligent management in the transportation field by utilizing drones and unprecedented levels of bilateral trade.

Ghasemi expressed hope in the meeting that the outcome of his meeting with top Turkmen officials will materialize objectives of both countries, and argued that Iran-Turkmenistan agreements can secure both countries’ interests, and “we hope these meetings in Iran and Turkmenistan need to continue to ensure the continuation of this favorable trend.”

He focused on transiting Turkmenistan’s goods to India and other countries in the south, too, and said that this will be beneficial for both countries economically.

Serdar Berdimuhamedow, for his part, said that one of the best means for boosting bilateral cooperation is the activities of the Joint Iran-Turkmenistan Economic Commission.

Turkmen vice-president agreed with the Iranian minister on the point that transportation and transit fields are two major fields of cooperation between Iran and Turkmenistan, reiterating that the Iranian road and urban development minister had a good proposal on problem resolving in Sarakhs Border.

He evaluated the Iranian minister’s proposal on the transit of goods, too, as a very brilliant one, saying that in Turkmenistan “we have many projects underway for the expansion of the transportation network.”



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