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good news iran: Kenya voices readiness to welcome Iranian investors

Attending a press conference entitled “Iran-East Africa Trade Development Conference”, held in Tehran on Thursday, Economic Attaché of Kenyan Embassy David Karanja said that the two countries of Iran and Kenya will establish interaction in oil, pharmaceutical and medical products with Iran.

He went on to say that Kenya also keen on attracting investment opportunities in Iran and vice versa.

A workshop will be held in the field of investment opportunities of Kenya and innovation of Iran, he said, reiterating that the two countries will cooperate and interact with each other in the fields of oil, medical and pharmaceutical products.

Iran and East Africa are both producers and consumers, and East Africa has good opportunities in labor, raw materials and produced items, he added.

Sina Sanjari CEO of International Industrial-Trade Research Institute and Secretary of Iran-East Africa Trade Development Conference said that reviewing challenges as well as investment and exports opportunities to East Africa is the main aim behind organizing this Conference and put Iran’s financial turnover in export of products to Africa at between $700 and $800 million annually.

According to him, East African countries are a suitable and lucrative market for presence of Iranian technical-engineering companies, exporters and investors.



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