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good news iran: “Ballad of a White Cow” to go on silver screen in European, Asian countries

 Iranian feature film “Ballad of a White Cow” directed by Behtash Sanaeeha and Maryam Moghaddam will go on silver screen at cinema theaters across Germany and Austria from February 3, 2022.

Meanwhile, this film will also go on silver screen at cinema theaters across Sweden, Japan, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Balkan countries in January and February 2022.

“Ballad of a White Cow” had already been screened in France, Netherlands and Belgium, attracting the attention of French critics and audiences.

China, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong and many other European and Asian countries will gradually host this Iranian feature film at their cinema theaters.

The synopsis of “Ballad of a White Cow” read, “Mina’s life is turned upside down when she learns that her husband was innocent of the crime for which he was executed, so she starts a silent battle against a cynical system for her own and her daughter’s sake.”

The cast includes Maryam Moghadam, Alireza Sani Far, and Pouria Rahimi Sam.

This film has already won several awards from different international festivals.

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