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good news iran: Iran-Russia trade turnover breaks record in 2021: report

Speaking in an interview with TASS news agency on Friday, Rustam Zhiganshin Russia’s Trade Representative in Iran said that trade value exchanged between Iran and Russia in 2021 hit an unprecedented record high.

“The turnover surged by 89.4% during the first eleven months as compared to the same period of last year and stood at $3.76 billion. Grounds are in place to expect we will reach the record-high figure of $4 billion as of 2021 year-end,” the Trade Representative said.

“Agricultural produce accounts for about 80% of the trade turnover between the countries,” Zhiganshin said.

“Grains and oil-bearing crops moved up in our export in the first instance,” he said. “Export of vaccines can be noted among new positions – our relevant supplies to Iran totaled $45 million,” the Trade Representative stated.

“Implementation of certain projects in the energy sphere is underway, which became more active in 2021. This backed the turnover growth over the last year,” Zhiganshin noted.

“Vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and nuts are imported from Iran in the first instance,” he added.



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