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good news iran: Transit through Iran records 75% growth in 1st 10 mos: IRICA

Alireza Moghaddasi, Deputy Minister of Economy and Director General of Iran’s Customs Administration (IRICA), explained the volume transit on Sunday and saud that 75% growth in transit through Iran was recorded in the first 10 months this Iranian year of 1,400 (beginning on March 21, 2021).

Moghaddasi said that one of the important policies of the 13th government is to develop trade with neighbors and facilitate tranist of foreign trade through the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the implementation of the policies of the resistance economy and the fifth and sixth development plans of the country, every year we should have witnessed a 10% growth in transit in the country, which unfortunately was not realized, the IRICA head said.

He said that Iran is located at the junction of the south-north and east-west corridors, and different other important corridors for transit that link the neighboring countries to each other which with the measures taken by the new administration in Iran can lead to the further growth of the country’s transit capabilities.



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