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good news iran: Iranian President inaugurates water supply, electricity projects

Hundreds of rural water supply and electricity projects, the provision of portable solar generators for 10,000 nomadic families, and the start of the “Jihad of Water Supply” operation for 10,000 villages were inaugurated in the presence of the President at the Ministry of Energy.

On Monday, on the seventh day of the 10-day Fajr celebration, President Ebrahim Raisi officially inaugurated water supply projects to 480 villages and electricity supply to 211 villages by appearing at the Ministry of Energy via video conference.

Also in this ceremony, the operation of portable solar generators, which have been delivered to 10,000 nomadic families, began.

The President also ordered the start of the executive operation of the “Jihad of Water Supply” to 10,000 villages.

In addition, the executive operation of the jihadist plan to develop and improve the electricity network of 4,500 villages began.

Upon entering the Ministry of Energy building, President Raisi visited the dispatching centre of the ministry and was informed of the details of the activities of this department with the explanations of the relevant officials.

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