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good news iran: Armenia seeks to further strengthening of coop. with Iran

In the congratulatory message to his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Armenian-Iranian diplomatic relations, Mirzoyan particularly mentioned that the two countries’ relations are based on close and unbreakable cooperation, which is based on mutual respect and has been seasoned by the centuries-long history full of challenges.

The Declaration on Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) was signed in Tehran on February 9, 1992. In April 1992 the embassy of IRI was opened in Yerevan and in December of the same year, the Armenian embassy was opened in Tehran.

Iran is one of the key foreign policy and economic partners of Armenia. Large infrastructure projects are being implemented by the two countries in the fields of energy, transportation, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and other sectors.



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