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good news iran: Iran, Oman to boost maritime trade through Chabahar Port

Iran and Oman signed MoU during 19th meeting of Joint Economic Committee in order to promote economic ties and maritime trade through Chabahar Port.

The MoU was reached in Muscat between Seyed Reza Fatemi Amin, Iran Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade, and Qais bin Mohammed Al Yousef, Oman Minister of Commerce and Industry.

For implementation of bilateral MoU, an economic delegation from Oman will visit the infrastructures, equipment, and capabilities of Chabahar Port before long, Qais bin Mohammed Al Yousef mentioned.

In 19th meeting of Iran, Oman Joint Economic Committee in Muscat, Behrooz Aghaie, director-general of Sistan and Baluchistan’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), accompanied the delegation and attended the meeting as the head of transport and free zones committee.

According to PMO, the visit aimed at economic negotiations including investments in commerce, industry, minerals, marine transport, transit, and energy. Moreover, export of technical and engineering services, tourism, cultural transactions, and consulate affairs were also conferred.

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