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good news iran: Iran’s export to regional countries increased dramatically

Alireza Peyman-Pak said on Monday that the unprecedented export growth of the country to the countries including Russia, Turkey, Iraq and Southeast Asian countries incresed in the current year since the new administration of President Raeisi came to power in June.

While expounding on the salient programs of the 13th government, he pointed to holding specialized exhibitions and bilateral trade events with neighboring states as the main policies of the 13th government in the field of foreign trade.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the TPOI chief announced the inauguration of the largest stadium in Iraq constructed by expert Iranian engineers in the coming week.

Turning to the expansion of trade and economic ties with Syria, he said, “It is scheduled that Iran will get access lucrative market of North African countries via Syria.”

He further noted that Iran’s export of products to neighboring Turkey has become doubled which is solid evidence of Iran’s success in doing business with this country.



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