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good news iran: Iran’s aluminum output up by 24% in 10 months

Figures published on Wednesday by Iran’s state-run metals and mining holding IMIDRO showed that aluminium production by major Iranian smelters had reached over 0.453 million metric tons (mt) in the 10 months to January 20.

The figure was an increase of 24% from a similar period in 2021, said the IMIDRO report.

A breakdown of output figures showed that South Aluminum Corporation (Salco) had been responsible for the largest share of production at over 0.149 million mt, followed closely by Iranian Aluminium Company (Iralco) at just over 0.148 million mt and Almahdi Aluminum Co. (Almahdi) at over 0.124 million mt.

However, IMIDRO figures showed that Iran’s alumina powder output declined slightly in the 10 months to late January to more than 0.193 million mt.

That comes as aluminium bauxite production rose by 13% year on year in March-January to nearly 0.768 million mt, showed the figures.

Iran Alumina Company is the sole producer of alumina powder and aluminium bauxite in Iran. The company’s aluminium ingot output reached over 0.031 million mt in the 10 months to late January, said IMIDRO.



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