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good news iran: Sharafkhaneh Port: A Unique Town in Northwestern Iran – Tourism news

The port is encompassed by Lake Urmia on one side and by green mountains on the other.

The Tal pier in the Sharafkhaneh port dates back 100 years to the Qajar era and has been registered on Iran’s List of National Heritage Sites.

The tier had meteorology and telegraph stations around 95 years ago.

The Tal pier’s strategic location prompted the Russians to build their barns in the city. This pier is still known for having large commodity storehouses.

In the past, the port enjoyed tourism facilities such as beach camps, yachting, five-star hotels, etc. Unfortunately, a kilometers-long stretch of the port city’s coastline has been replaced by a salt desert due to drought.

The Sharafkhaneh port is still in the limelight today as it lies on a busy route to Tabriz, Urmia and Turkey.

Source: IFP


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