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good news iran: Iran’s crude oil exports exceed 1.5 million bpd

The PMO Director-General Ali Akbar Safaei, who is also the deputy minister of the Road and Urban Development, made the remarks on an inspection visit to projects being carried out in the southern Iranian Province of Bushehr.

“Fortunately, with the very good measures taken after the recent visits of the President to the regional countries and the resulting breakthroughs that were created, we have had good growth in exports and imports, and in Bushehr port, we see 22% growth compared to last year, which promises a boom in maritime activities,” Safaei said.

The PMO Director-General also noted that in the field of oil activities, crude oil exports have exceeded 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd), adding that, Bushehr ports are supporting these activities to continue the export of petroleum products and crude oil in the best way.

Also in this regard, the Iranian oil minister Javad Owji said that the country will not wait for the results of the Vienna talks on the removal of the sanctions, adding that over $4.5 billion worth of contracts have been concluded with both domestic and international companies to invest in the development of gas and oil fields.

In the future, a contract will be concluded with a consortium of banks to develop one of the massive gas and oil fields, the minister said.



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