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good news iran: Very bright perspective seen in Iran-Uzbekistan trade ties

Hamid Nayyerabadi made the remarks on Sunday and said that the two countries of Iran and Uzbekistan enjoy the high potential to broaden and enhance their bilateral trade.

After meeting between the two presidents of the two countries in the very near future, it is expected that relations between Iran and Uzbekistan will be further developed and expanded, he underlined.

The 14th Joint Commission on Economic, Cultural, Scientific and Technical Cooperation of Iran and Uzbekistan was held in the early Esfand month of the current Iranian calendar year in Tehran with the presence of a high-ranking 60-member Uzbek delegation, he said, adding, “Some important documents in specialized fields will be signed and some other documents will be finalized in the future visits of senior officials of the two countries.”

The value trade exchanged between the two countries in 2021 hit $431 million, expandable to two million euro, the envoy added.

In their meetings on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooperation Organization and ECO summits, Iranian and Uzbek presidents placed special emphasis on the comprehensive expansion of relations between the two countries and gave appropriate instructions to all relevant ministries and agencies in this regard, Nayyerabadi added.

In the end, the Iranian envoy to Tashkent reiterated that there is a very clear vision for the two countries at all political, economic and cultural levels and it is expected that with the meeting of the two presidents in the near future, dozens of documents in various fields would be inked in line with expanding relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Uzbekistan.



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