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good news iran: Iran’s Ganjavi commeorated in Russian expo.

The event was held in Moscow on the occasion of the 880th birth anniversary of the Iranian poet.

As reported, 57 works of art including manuscripts, miniature images from Ganjavi’s books, and several large and small carpets also containing images of Ganjavi’s book subjects were showcased in the event.

The purpose of the exhibition was to present some of Ganjavi’s works to the Russian people.

The exhibition is organized in such a way that the visitors can read Ganjavi’s poems. The showcased paintings, miniatures, and carpets help visitors understand the subjects of his poems better.

 Nizami Gandjavi is this great poet, philosopher of the 12th  century (1141-1209) from Azerbaijan who also told the story of “Leyli and Majnun” the epitome of Romanticism, borrowed at the theatricality of the drama.

This piece of theater was the vanguard of “Romeo & Juliet” published by Shakespeare, his most famous piece of classical British scenes of the 17th century after five hundred years later! Thus this is of  Nizami, the mystic thinker of Ganja, who has preceded Shakespeare in “Leyli and Majnun” the romantic drama of the 12th century very long time before “Romeo & Juliet“.



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