good news iran: Iran grabs 2 gold, 4 bronze medals at Archery Asia Cup 2022

Iran’s compound team with the combination of Gisa Baybordi and Hesamuddin Kowsar defeated Malaysia by 154-145 and won the gold medal.

Mohammad Saleh Palizban won a gold medal at the final of the men’s compound competition defeating India 145-126.

The men’s compound team, consisting of Hesamuddin Kowsar, Mohammad Saleh Palizban, and Hamzeh Nekouei, won the qualifying match against Bangladesh 232-226 and won the bronze medal.

The Iranian women’s compound team, consisting of Gisa Baybordi, Vida Halimian, and Kowsar Khoshnoodikia, won the ranking match against Kazakhstan 224-215 and won a bronze medal.

Hesamuddin Kowsar won the bronze medal in the men’s compound competition defeating the Indian team 147-147.

Gisa Baybordi won the bronze medal in the women’s compound match defeating the archer from Thailand with a result of 146-143.



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