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good news iran: “Three Meters and a few Centimeters” to vie at US’ Sebastopol festival

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian documentary “Three Meters and a few Centimeters” directed by Mostafa Salehi Nezhad will compete at the 14th edition of Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival.

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival has been approved by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as an Academy Qualifying Festival for the Documentary Short Subject category. Recipients of the SDFF Jury Award for Short Subject and Jury Award for Mini-Doc are now eligible for consideration in the Documentary Short Subject category of the Academy Awards without the standard theatrical run, provided the film otherwise complies with the Academy rules.

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival will take place June 10 – 13, 2021 in California.

As Iranian cinema’s representative, “Three Meters and a few Centimeters” will compete with 70 documentary films from across the world in the important event.

“Three Meters and a few Centimeters” tells a story of an Iranian city in which the coronavirus has caused many deaths. According to the obligations of their religion, when someone dies, a person who is familiar with the requirements of the religion washes the body by hand so that he can go to the Hereafter clean. But now the people of this city are facing a difficult challenge to wash the corpses that have died from the Covid 19 virus. because few people are willing to touch these corpses by hand!

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