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good news iran: Makhrageh Lake: The Largest Natural Mirror in Iran – Tourism news

In the past, Makhrageh used to have three rivers of northern, western and eastern Qantas, and traces are still existing in the region, as well as an old castle. These ruins show that there has been great deal of urban development and history that we do not have accurate information about.

The water of the wells in the Makhrageh area is salty due to proximity to saline lake. The source of fresh water is the area of the Habib Allah Khani River that flows only during rainfall and is dry in all seasons.

In every season of the year, sweet water flows out of this river with a thirty centimeter ditching. This part of the river, known as the Riz-Ab, is located in the ChahKali area, and its water is cool and gourmet in the hot summer.

The most important natural occurrence is the Makhrageh salt lake, which is unmatched in its type and sometimes referred to as the Chah Zangar Lake.

This lake is located on 3 km south-east of Makhrageh, with an area of more than 15 square km, and is fed by the rivers and streams, the mountains of Chah Pouzeh, Chah Ma,dan , Cheshmeh Anjir, Chah Gaz, Chah Khoshk, Pir Quchan, Haft-Kouh and the terrain hills of the region.

Source: Visit the Persia


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