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good news iran: Knowledge-based firms eyeing target market for product export

According to the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Seyyed Hesameddin Madani Chief Executive of AVITA ZIST Pharmed Knowledge-based Company said that this knowledge-based company is working in a specialized form in the field of exporting medical products, medicines and medical equipment.

While receiving necessary licenses from the Iranian Food and Drug Administration (IFDA), this knowledge-based company has been able to act professionally in the field of exporting medical equipment to foreign countries, benefited from the most experienced and competent manpower, he stipulated.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the chairman of the Iranian Association of Producers and Exporters of Medical Biotechnology Products called on state-owned and public institutions to empower and support the private sector and pave suitable ways for these companies to export their products overseas.

Turning to the activities and measures taken in this knowledge-based company in line with spurring exports and export activities, he added, “Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology in cooperation with the financial institutions such as Central Bank of Iran (CBI) can solve problems facing these companies.”

If competent and able knowledge-based companies are supported duly, they can conquer the international target markets simply, he added.



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