good news iran: Iranian humanoid robot among bests of 2020

The fourth version of Surena, the Iranian humanoid robot, was unveiled during a ceremony in December 2019.

The robot has taken four years to be developed. It stands 170 cm tall, weighs 70 kg, and is able to walk at the speed of 0.7 km/hr.

It can move around the sides, backward, and on rough surfaces, while remaining upright on uneven ground and is able to lift objects, recognize faces, shake hands, and also kick a soccer ball.

Surena also has the ability to detect 100 voice commands in addition to listening, speaking, and converting text into speech; visual ability and the ability to recognize 100 different objects are other features of this robot.

The Iranian humanoid has been making steady progress in the past ten years. The first version of the robot was unveiled in 2008. It had only 8 degrees of freedom (DOF). Surena II was unveiled in 2010 and had 22 DOF and could walk at a pace of 0.03 meters per second. The third generation of the robot had 31 DOF and a walking speed nearly 10 times as fast, at 0.2 m/s.

Surena was a Parthian commander during the 1st century BC. He was the leader of the House of Suren and was best known for defeating the Romans in the Battle of Carrhae.



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