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good news iran: Tehran, Moscosw agree to boost banking, monetary coop.

He made the remarks following a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander Novak on Friday.

Salehabadi said  that the two sides discussed various issues such as the expansion of monetary and banking cooperation as well as strategies to remove obstacles and increase joint investments between Moscow and Tehran in the meeting with the deputy premier as well as Russian central bank chief Elvira Nabiullina.

The Iranian official went on to say that Russian and Iranian officials have reached good agreements and they will pursue the implementation of the accords.

The Russian deputy prime minister, for his part, emphasized that the development of Tehran-Moscow economic and investment ties is considered a priority and necessity, noting that Russia is fully prepared to follow up on the expansion of the relationship.

There are very appropriate fields for the development of economic and investment cooperation between the two countries, Novak said, adding that mutual understanding between central banks of both states is of great importance to pave the way for enhancing bilateral coordination and collaboration.

According to the Russian government’s official website, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized, “We see significant growth in trade: 81 percent last year and 31 percent this year. Our countries’ leaders have set a goal to further promote cooperation. Our companies are interested in intensifying trade, so the development of cooperation in the financial and banking sector is among our priorities.”

During the meeting, the Iranian and Russian officials discussed the finance of investment projects in transport infrastructure as well as the oil and gas sectors, including petrochemicals and refining.

The Iran’s CBI chief also met with Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Gennadyevich Reshetnikov during his stay in Moscow.

Salehabadi and Reshetnikov held talks on joint investments as well as alleviation of obstacles in the way of mutual trade and expansion of banking and monetary cooperation.

Moreover, some heads of main Russian banks met with the CBI governor, holding discussions on the expansion of coordination between Russian and Iranian banks.

Since Tehran and Moscow enjoy common interests in economic, military, and security affairs as well as a friendly relationship pursue common policies on regional and international developments especially when it comes to taking stances in the face of the United States’ unilateral and interventionist strategies.



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