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good news iran: Goods transit of Iran, Russia to increase by 30mn tons likely

Deputy CEO of Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) for Economic and Ports Affairs Jalil Eslami made the remarks on Saturday.

Turning to the possibility of increasing volume of transit of goods between the two countries, he said that transit is one of the very important sectors in the field of trade and transit of goods, so that the country should take advantage of country’s 270 million-ton transit capacity optimally and in the best form possible.

He then referred to the increase of trade exchanges between Iran and Russia and high capacities existing at PMO in line with realizing the transit of 10 million tons of goods from Iran-Russia road to various countries and said that a Comprehensive Transport Document was inked between Iran and Russia in the current year.

“We must be able to create country’s transportation capacities in accordance with the development of trade and economic capacities, so that the country has currently a good potential in the field of transportation to carry out trade and transit affairs in a way that effective steps have been taken in North-South corridor.”

Stating that presently five ports of the country has the capacity of loading and unloading 35 tons of goods, he put the total capacity of the country in the field of transport at over 270 million tons.

This shows that if transit capacities of the country are increased, the maritime sector can easily meet the demand, the deputy CEO of Ports and Maritime Organization added.



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