good news iran: Knowledge-based firm domestically produce railway equipment

According to a report by the Iranian Vice-Presidency for science and technology, Babak Abdali, chairman of the board of directors of a knowledge-based company, said, “This company has been established with a focus on the production of industrial parts and equipment since the 1980s.”

Abdali added that his company focused on “oil, gas, water and sewage industries.”

He added, “With the development of the company’s research and development team, we entered the country’s railway industry and we are trying to take a step towards the country’s self-sufficiency by domestically producing various parts in the industry.”

The CEO also said, “Among our products in the field of the railway are bandage of a railway wheel and train monoblock wheels.”

He explained more those parts were previously imported into the country from other countries.

Abdali added that “in addition to those pieces, parts such as wind turbine tower flanges and the body of large ball valves are among some other products produced in this industrial unit that are used in the country’s gas industry.”

The CEO went on to say that some customers still cast doubt on the quality of their products in addition to obstacles created by the importers put on their way to get their products to the market across the country, calling on the Industry Ministry for help and support.

He voiced his optimism that their company is able to meet all the needs of the country in this regard.



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