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good news iran: Iraq accounting for 56% of Iran’s footwear export

Ali Lashgari, a high-ranking official with the Association of Managers and Experts of the Iranian Shoe Industry (known as ASSOMES) gave some detail about  Iran’s footwear export to foreign countries.

According to Lashgari in the last Iranian calendar year, Iran’s shoe export hit 105 million dollars which have increased by about 36.6 percent in terms of value and 29 percent in terms of weight.

90% of Iran’s footwear is being exported to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Azerbaijan, he said, adding, “Iraq alone accounts for 56% of Iran’s exports.”

26% of these shoes are being exported to Afghanistan and the rest to Azerbaijan, he added.

 However, fluctuations in currency prices and rising prices of domestic products have reduced Iran’s share in $374 million Iraqi markets, from 25 percent in 2013 to about 15.7 percent in 2020, he added.



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