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good news iran: Azerbaijan Republic seeking to develop relations with Iran

Naghi Hosseinov made the remarks in his meeting with East Azarbaijan province Deputy Governor for Economic Affairs Ali Jahangiri on Tuesday.

“The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan has allocated funds for the reconstruction of these areas [Karabakh region] in order to provide the necessary infrastructure for the presence of powerful foreign companies in these areas,” he said,

Stating that various road, rail and air routes are currently under construction in Nagorno-Karabakh, he added, these areas have a large capacity in the field of solar and hydropower.

“To rebuild Karabakh, we are looking for the presence of large global companies to do the biggest and most unique projects in this region,” Hosseinov said.

Ali Jahangiri, for his part, pointed to the cultural commonalities between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, saying, “These commonalities are the basis for strengthening our relations and cooperation with the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

Referring to the national will of Iran and Azerbaijan to strengthen relations in various fields, he added, “Iran’s East Azerbaijan province has many grounds for expanding cooperation with the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

Reconstruction of Karabakh lands is a good opportunity for the development of economic relations between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, he noted, adding, “Participation in the reconstruction of Karabakh will play an important role in strengthening regional ties and economic development.”

The strong presence of Iranian companies in the reconstruction of Karabakh is a good opportunity to develop economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, Jahangiri highlighted.



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