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Iran inks transit communique with Central Asian countries

After 2 days of transit meetings between Iran and Central Asian countries, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Azerbaijan, a transit cooperation communique was signed by the representatives of these 6 countries on Sunday in Tehran.

After signing the communique, Rostam Ghasemi, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran told journalists in Tehran, “This meeting was held at the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Ghasemi added, “From now on, this meeting will be held every 6 months.”

According to the Iranian minister, the member states participating in the meeting emphasized and reached an understanding on the development of the transit among themselves, the unification of transit customs duties, and the issuance of one-year visas for transit truck drivers as part of the signed communique.

He further underlined that the issue of transit is a very serious issue for the 13th government under President Raeisi, adding that Iran’s policy is to facilitate transit with the countries that Iran witnessed cutting ties with them over the past years under the previous Iranian administration.

“Accordingly, based on the communique, the promotion of transit in the region was put on the agenda,” Ghasemi said.

“In line with previous joint measures, the transit capacity in the region has increased by 60%,” the minister added.



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