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Iran, Kazakhstan augment freight transit up to 5 million tons

On the sidelines of the first ministerial meeting on transit cooperation in Tehran, Iran’s minister of Roads and Urban Development, Rostam Ghasemi, and Kazakhstan’s Minister of Industry and Infrastructural Development, Uskenbayev Kairbek Aitbayevich, met and discussed facilitation and development of freight transit.

The two sides agreed on the increase of commercial transactions up to 5 million tons for the upcoming year.

The transit will be from Kazakhstan through Iran’s territory to various destinations including Europe, India, Africa, and other destinations.

The freight transit will be begun by cereals, coal, and ironware freights within the next two weeks when the finalization of the plan for the joint action is expected.

Iran guaranteed a three-day transit time through its territory.

Furthermore in the meeting, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development promised the unification of tariff rates for transit which was welcomed by Kazakhstan.

This is part of the agreement for the activation of multimodal transit along the east of the Caspian Sea which is discussed simultaneously with eight countries present at the summit.

Iran is hosting the first ministerial summit on transit cooperation among eight states including Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Iran for transit cooperation on October 8-9 in Tehran.

These regional countries are seeking regional convergence and transport synergy in the region which would make 20 million tons of freight transit possible among these countries.



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