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Iran hopes EU adopts reasonable behavior, policy towards it

Speaking in his weekly press conference on Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kan’ani briefed on the latest Iranian foreign policy developments and answered a number of questions put forward by the journalists.

Referring to meddlesome statements of some American and European countries about recent riots in Iran, Kan’ani said that the Iranian government is responsible and cares about the security of its citizens.

The countries that are interfering in Iran’s internal affairs are clear violators of human rights, both regarding their own citizens and the citizens of the region, he added.

Most of the countries that are accusing Iran of violating the issue of human rights have committed many crimes against the Iranian nation, including imposing sanctions, even pharmaceutical sanctions, Kan’ani said.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson pointed to the phone conversations between Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell about Iran’s internal issues, saying that Iran is a country that is responsible and plays a decisive role in the stability and security of the region. It has always acted responsibly towards regional and international issues. If European countries have rational behavior, Iran can be the most important partner for peace and stability.

Stating that “we prevent them from adopting unreasonable and intrusive behaviors”, he added, “In case of adopting selective behavior and dual policies against the country, Iran will react proportionally and reciprocally. This [Iran’s behavior] will be the same for each of these countries and also regarding the European Union.”

Referring to the European Union’s attempt to impose sanctions against Iran, saying that Iran will decide and act according to the decision and actions of Europe.

He also expressed hope that the European Union adopts reasonable behavior and policy towards Iran.

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