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Iran exporting saffron to 65 countries in world: official

Iran is the producer of the best and high-quality saffron product in the world, so that Iran’s quality saffron is highly welcomed by people in the worldwide, Ali Hosseini stated.

As the cultivation of saffron in Iran dates back to more than 3,000 years ago, the name of Iran in the world markets is intermingled with the name of “saffron”, he added.

Turning to the derivatives of saffron, he said that its derivatives are applicable in many industries such as pharmaceutical, food products, beverage, cosmetics industries, etc.

The Vice President of the Association of Saffron Producers and Exporters of South Khorasan pointed to the dispatching of 200 tons of raw saffron product to neighboring Qatar and added that after the conclusion of the trade contract between Iran and Qatar to transfer and process 200 tons of saffron, valued at $300 million, the first cargo of saffron was loaded and sent to Qatar for processing operations.



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