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Iran FM dismisses again EU claims on giving Russia drones

In the phone call, the two top diplomats reviewed the latest state of bilateral relations and emphasized the importance of the development and consolidation of bilateral relations.

Referring to the recent events in Ukraine and the accusations against Iran by some Ukrainian officials, Amir-Abdollahian said, “We are strongly against the war and arming each side of the war. and we have told the Ukrainian authorities to provide any evidence about the use of alleged Iranian drones in the war in Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, the top Iranian diplomat did not rule out that Iran has had defense cooperation with Russia for many years, but he stressed that “we did not support the war against Ukraine and we did not provide any of the Iranian weapons to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine.”

He said that Iran is mulling over a response to the recently imposed sanctions by the EU on Iran.

The Croatian foreign minister, for his part, emphasized the good relations between the two countries and expressed Croatia’s support for the revival of the JCPOA. He also said that he will convey Iran’s stance to the European side.



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