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Iran calls for developing relations with Turkey

Esmaeili left Tehran for Istanbul on Friday to participate in the 12th Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Information Ministers.

During a meeting with the Spokesman of the Turkey Presidential Palace Fakhreddin Altin in Turkey on Saturday, Esmaeili stressed the Islamic Republic of Iran’s determination to develop bilateral relations with Turkey.

Referring to the cultural commonalities between Iran and Turkey, he underlined that it is necessary to be together for convergence in the Islamic world and the success of each one is considered the success of the two friendly and neighboring countries in the region.

Turkey and Iran have common enemies who are trying to separate Islamic countries, Esmaeili said, adding that the Iranian 13th government’s policy is to neighborhood communications.

Describing cyberspace and western media’s attempts as a tool for distorting the face of the Islamic world, he reiterated that the enemies’ media are trying to show a violent face of Islam, while Iran and Turkey can jointly thwart the foes’ plans.

Altin, for his part, said that today they are in a geographical zone where foreign forces have endangered the security of the region, and the cooperation of both friendly states and the region can help resolve this issue by deepening cultural ties.

He expressed hope that the bilateral press and information cooperation document between Turkey and Iran would be inked during the upcoming visit of the presidents of the two countries.

The theme of this year’s OIC ministerial meeting in Istanbul is “Condemning Misinformation and Islamophobia”, and Mohammad-Mahdi Esmaeili represents the Islamic Republic of Iran in it.



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