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Russia to open free heating centers in Europe ahead of winter

As winter is just around the corner, the Russian agency for foreign humanitarian cooperation, Rossotrudnichestvo, announced launching an initiative that aims to “warm the hearts of freezing European families” where European citizens will be able to visit their fully heated centers equipped with electricity to charge their electronic devices, all for free.

“For as long as gas and electricity prices keep up, the centers will work as heating hubs,” Rossotrudnichestvo said in a statement on Telegram, Sputnik reported.

The visitors will also be able to watch movies, and cartoons for children all while charging their phones and drinking a hot cup of tea free of charge.

Rossotrudnichestvo added that “with the onset of autumn cold and wet weather in Europe, Russian Houses are starting the ‘From Russia with warmth’ campaign. Amid temperatures falling outside and, what’s more, inside homes, the Russian Houses and cultural centers in European capitals are opening their doors to everyone starting today.”

The Director of Russian House in Brussels, Vera Bunina, stressed that the centers are open to everyone who, “values communication, mutual understanding, and warmth,” without discrimination based on political views.

“In the face of growing social tensions in Europe, as well as Russophobia, the Russian Houses’ humanitarian campaign should demonstrate our traditional hospitality and warm the hearts of freezing European families,” the statement added.

The disruptions in supply chains following Russia’s operation in Ukraine and the subsequent comprehensive Western sanctions imposed on Russia caused a sharp increase in energy and food prices across the EU, where most EU countries by now have resorted to rationing electricity while citizens are suffering from increased energy prices, sometimes costing more than a months salary in across the EU, as the energy crisis is expected to be further aggravated with winter on the doors.

EU governments have been urging citizens to limit house heating and curb consumption of electricity and gas.



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