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“Effective coop. with regional bodies Iran’s priority”

In the meeting, President Ebrahim Raeisi pointed to the considerable IORA capacity and capabilities and emphasized planning for greater convergence of the members of the association to increase the use of these capacities.

“Effective cooperation with regional organizations is the priority of our foreign policy, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to share its significant capabilities with the IORA member states,” Raeisi added, after pointing to the vast capabilities of the Indian Ocean littoral states.

Raisi emphasized the need to use women’s capabilities in various parts of the association and added, “In the years after the Islamic Revolution, women have achieved many successes in the social, scientific, cultural and health fields in Iran, which can be a role-model for the effective participation of women in the society.”

Stating that the Islamic Republic of Iran has had good participation in IOEA in different periods of time, the president stressed the need to make the association more active using past experiences, especially in the three areas of activating the water economy, women’s economic empowerment, and scientific and technological cooperation.

Al-Farisi, for his part, expressed his happiness with the visit to Iran and the meeting with the president and said, “Iran is an active and effective member of the association,”

He added that Iran should be proud of itself for its presidency over the Secretariat of association.

Appreciating Iran’s effective role in chairing the Women’s Empowerment Working Group in IORA, he added “The Islamic Republic has also provided effective measures and remarkable services in the IORA Knowledge and Technology Association.”



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