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Iran destroyers to be equipped with Abu Mahdi cruise missile

Referring to the latest achievements of Iran’s Army Navy Force, Admiral Shahram Irani said that Iran’s surface-to-surface cruise missile capability has increased a lot, adding that Iran’s destroyers are set to be in the seas for the first time with 8 cruise missile launchers.

On the timing of equipping the Army’s destroyers with the Abu Mahdi cruise missile, he noted that the process of equipping is going to be done, and they are going to be equipped with even more powerful cruise missiles.

This missile can perform its task in the electronic warfare environment and its tests have been done.

He further noted that the combat capability, the destruction rate, and the range of the Abu Mahdi cruise missiles are considerable while adding that increasing the range of the missiles are on the agenda.

In response to the question about the unveiling time of the Damavand destroyer, he stated that the Damavand destroyer is going through its testing process and they anticipate that its inauguration ceremony will be on November 28, 2022.



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