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Recent events could be discussed at universities

The important prerequisite for the dialogue at universities is the proper comprehension of the matter in question, Raeisi made the remarks in a meeting with the chancellors of Iran’s universities.

If the subjects are not analyzed thoroughly, the analyses are mostly based on machinations and media hype, not based on truth, he said, noting that the proposed solutions will be of no use.

He termed domestic universities as vigorous and dynamic, noting that they have empowered the country and foiled the foes’ plots by conducting and raising scientific projects.

The President stressed that the first and most important way to strengthen order and tranquility in universities is to elaborate on and resolve the preoccupations of students and professors.

He considered the mechanisms and capacities within the university sufficient to maintain order, discipline, and calm.

The enemies have made attempts to impede and slow down Iran’s activities in science, industry, production, and service sectors and to stop Iran from having ties with the world, he pointed out.

He further noted that they started to design plots and sabotage when they could not achieve the desired results.



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