Call for 3rd KANS scientific competition released

19 international pavilions will be present to solve the existing technological challenges facing the Islamic World.

The third round of KANS (Knowledge Application and Notion for Society) scientific competition is going to be held with a special focus on the Islamic World’s scientific community and young scientists as the future makers of modern Islamic civilization.

In this competition, young scholars, university students, and professors (under 45 years of age) throughout Islamic countries will send their scientific and technological achievements in the form of ideas, research papers, books, prototypes, MVPs, or new products to the secretariat of the KANS competition.

The main theme of this year’s competition is looking for the best scientific and technological approaches to solve the problems facing the Islamic World.

The 2022 KANS competition will assess the works submitted by young scientists from the Islamic World in the following fields: Agriculture and Food Industries, Health and MedTech, Energy, Water and Environment, Electronics and Robotics, ICT and Artificial Intelligence, and Mining and Mineral Industries.

Young scholars can participate in this competition by submitting 3 to 5 minutes videos of their scientific and technological achievements or their solutions for challenges declared by international institutes till December 6, 2022.

To fill out the related documents and upload their recorded videos, applicants can visit the website

During the selection process, the submitted solutions and scientific works will be screened and reviewed by the assessment committee, consisting of professors from different pavilions. The assessment committee will then nominate 24 solutions and scientific works.

On the last day of the competition which coincides with the 12th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition in May 2023, the committee will choose the 6 best solutions and scientific works as the winners of the competition.

To use the full potential of young scientists in solving the challenges, the secretariat of KANS scientific competition has invited special pavilions in different fields of science and technology to participate in this event.

Pavilions are national or international scientific institutions from all over Islamic countries which have declared their local challenges and invited scientists and innovators to answer these challenges.

KANS provides the ground for proper communication among pavilions and scholars, thus taking a step in connecting young scientists and scientific institutions to tackle the aforementioned challenges.

Competitors in the 2022 KANS competition can submit an achievement that is a response to one of the challenges declared by international institutes in the Islamic World. If their work is not related to any of the mentioned challenges they can participate in the free section of the competition.

The first round of this competition was held in 2018 in the fields of Health, Energy, Economy, Water and Environment, and Information Technology with the participation of over 600 Young technologists and researchers.

The second round of this competition was held in 2021 in the fields of Water, Environment and Energy, Health and MedTech, ICT, Economics, Banking and Finance, Transportation and Mining and Mineral Industries with the participation of nearly 700 technologists and scientists from over 20 countries.



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