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Iran’s H1 agrifood exports register 3.3m tons worth $1.8 bn

The figures indicate a decrease of 14.77% in tonnage and 20.33% in value compared with last year’s corresponding period.

Watermelon topped the list of exports in terms of value with $161.35 million. Tomato was the second major agricultural export product in terms of value with $144.47 million, followed by pistachio with $128.34 million, saffron with $65.71 million, and dates with $57.33 million.

In terms of tonnage, again watermelon topped the list with 731,910 tons, tomato with 308,820 tons, followed by Persian melon with 204,400 tons, apple with 159,460 tons and onion, shallot, and garlic with 157,180 tons.



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