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Iran, Cuba to step up cooperation in health field

Bahram Einollahi made the comments in a meeting with the visiting Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister, Elio Rodríguez Perdomo in Tehran on Sunday.

He pointed to the Iran-Cuba Joint Economic Commission meeting, stressing the need to expand the strategic cooperation between Iran and Cuba in the field of health.

“The 18th Iran-Cuba Joint Economic Commission meeting was held in Tehran this year, and such interactions greatly contribute to strengthening the relations between the two countries,” Einollahi said, adding “In the meetings of this commission, the joint cooperation documents of the two countries were signed, and our effort is to implement these cooperation documents.”

Referring to the cooperation between Iran and Cuba in the field of health, especially in the field of developing a corona vaccine, the Minister of Health said, “We are happy that the revolutionary culture of Cuba and the resistance of the people of this country against the cruel sanctions of the United States have spread to other South American countries as well.”

The health minister emphasized that Iran and friendly and revolutionary countries like Cuba can stand against the US oppression and the Arrogant System by cooperating and accompanying each other.

The Cuban deputy foreign minister, for his part, said, “Expanding relations between Iran and Cuba will help us to face challenges with might. Firm steps have been taken through the joint economic commission between the two countries and agreements have been made that should be implemented in the earliest possible time and with the best results.”

“Stating that the joint cooperation between Iran and Cuba in the field of anti-coronavirus vaccine production was successful, Rodríguez Perdomo said, “The two countries have realized exchanges and synergies in the field of health could be expanded more than before.”



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