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Iran very important player in intl., regional politics

“The IRI is a very important player in international and regional politics, and we work very closely with our Iranian partners. There are very important details, and there should be questions and answers when communicating. It is very important for us to develop relations and we are going this way,” Pashinyan told Armenia’s first Public TV Channel on Friday about the role of Iran in helping the relations between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He also touched upon the subject of power lines. According to him, the power lines that exist between Armenia and Iran are overloaded, so a third line is also needed.

“We take gas from Iran, produce electricity, and return it to the Iranians. In order for us to consume more gas instead of exporting electricity, we should be able to export more to Iran, and we will get this opportunity after the third power line is completed,” Pashinyan concluded.



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