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Infrastructure links expansion in Eurasia to boost trade coop

Speaking in response to the phone call of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday evening, Ebrahim Raeisi welcomed Russia’s desire to strengthen economic cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the expansion of infrastructure links, including the strengthening and development of transportation lines in the Eurasian region, as boosting business relations and economic cooperation in the region.

Referring to the increase in diplomatic and economic exchanges between the two countries, the President considered political and economic consultations important in improving the level of relations and strengthening the cooperation between the two countries.

In this telephone conversation, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasised the special geographical position of Iran, and considered the North-South Corridor to be effective in reducing the time and costs of transporting goods and said, “This transit route will become an attractive route for the economy and trade in the world”.

Putin also referred to the visit of a 100-person Russian business delegation to Tehran as the third largest Russian economic delegation to Iran and noted that Iran and Russia have many capacities and fields to expand interactions with each other.

Referring to the terrorist incident in Shiraz, the President of Russia once again expressed his sympathy with the government and people of Iran and condemned terrorism in any form.



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