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Turkish theater festival hosts Iranian play

“My Imaginary Skirt” has taken part in International Children’s and Youth Theater Festival in Turkey.

The play is about an actor’s life. She describes her life and says because of an incident in her childhood, her black-and-white world turned into a colorful one like a rainbow.

In this play, with the actor, the audience travels to her childhood in a village, visiting and discovering the beauties of nature. A rooster’s crowing and birds’ chirping, visiting the ground, listening to the seeds’ songs and the plants growing up, swimming in the river, and sleeping under the sky full of stars. All and all enchanting images on the girl’s skirt direct the audience to see and listen to the beauty of their surroundings and the gifts God has given them better.

Behnaz Mehdikhah has written, acted, designed, and made the puppets of “My Imaginary Skirt”.

Organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Bursa Culture, Art and Tourism Foundation, the 26th International Children’s and Youth Theater Festival is being held from 12-17 November in Turkey.



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