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Hussein stresses Iraqi soil not be used to threaten neighbors

In a telephone conversation with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, Amir-Abdullahian congratulated him on his re-appointment as the Iraqi Foreign Minister.

Expressing his satisfaction with the formation of the Iraqi government led by prime Minister Mohammad al-Sudani, the Iranian foreign minister emphasized the determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop relations with Iraq.

He considered security as a key element in the region and in bilateral relations and said, “Despite the privileged relations between the two countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran does not expect to be threatened from the Kurdistan Region, and the central government is responsible for these actions.”

Amir-Abdollahian emphasized the necessity of adhering to the results of the security talks to ensure common security.

The Iraqi Foreign Minister, being pleased with the level of relations between the two countries, considered Baghdad-Tehran cooperation as a guarantor of common security and said, “Baghdad does not allow its neighbors to be threatened from the Iraqi territory.”

The foreign ministers of the two countries further reviewed the process and results of the talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia and emphasized multilateral regional cooperation.



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