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Iran taken important steps towards sustainable development

Addressing the United Nations’ 27th annual UN meeting on climate, COP27, opened in Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh on Sunday, Ali Salajegheh, Vice-President and Head of the Department of Environment (DOE) condemned the oppressive sanctions against the Iranian nation describing them as economic terrorism that is threatening the Iranians’ life and welfare.

“These oppressive measures, illegal and unilateral sanctions come in direct contradiction with the global sustainable development agenda and relevant multilateral agreements, have implications beyond our national context and thus contribute to global warming,” Salajegheh added.

Pointing out that despite such illegal pressures, Iran has taken important steps in turning its development path into a sustainable path, he emphasized “our collective efforts should be accompanied by results that have practical guarantees for the sustainable development of developing countries.”

The Iranian official said that Climate change is a challenge with serious implications for all countries around the world, adding that flexibility for developing countries is the key to success in that field.

He highlighted the historical responsibilities of developed countries regarding the UN conventions.

The DOE head further called for taking into account the concerns of the developing countries and win-win solutions in dealing with global warming.



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