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Iran, Belarus emphasize developing trade-economic coop.

He made the remarks on Tuesday evening in a meeting of Iran and Belarus Trade-Economic Forum and emphasized the need for launching a joint trade and economic committee between chambers of commerce of the two countries.

In addition to placing special emphasis on the significance of taking advantage of capacities of diplomacy and developing economic relations of countries, Gholamhossein Shafei proposed identification and removal of problems ahead of expansion of bilateral trade between Iran and Belarus through the establishment of joint working groups.

The two countries of Iran and Belarus enjoy high potentials to broaden their bilateral trade once preliminary grounds are provided for the conclusion of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Iran and Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), he added.

The economic relations between Iran and Belarus have been positive since decades ago, he said, and called on senior officials of the two countries to take effective steps for further development of trade and economic activities between the two states.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Shafei pointed to the Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) and said that signing interim Preferential Trade Agreement between Iran and Eurasian Economic Union has opened a new chapter in the development of Iran’s trade ties with regional countries especially Belarus.

This is while that talks between officials of the two countries in the field of implementation of Free Trade Agreement has been finalized, so that implementation of FTA between Iran and EAEU member states can remove many trade barriers as well, the Chairman of ICCIMA added.

He went on to say that the two countries of Iran and Belarus can cooperate with each other in the fields of agriculture, farming aquatic animals, home appliances, automotive, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, knowledge-based medical equipment and transport.

Iran and Belarus can enhance their trade and economic relations using goods bartering deal, Shafesi emphasized.



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