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Iran’s crude steel output rises 9% to 25m tons in 10 months

The latest data released by the World Steel Association show that Iranian steel mills produced a total of 25.1 million tons of crude steel during January-October, registering a 9% rise compared with the corresponding period of 2021.

Iran’s October output hit 2.9 million tons, registering a 3.5% year-on-year rise, Financial Tribune reported.

In terms of the world ranking, Iran maintained its global standing as the world’s 10th biggest crude steelmaker.

China was the world’s largest producer during the 10-month period with 860.6 million tons of steel output, down 2.2%. It was followed by India with 103.8 million tons (up 6.1%), Japan with 75.2 million tons (down 6.5%), the United States with 68.1 million tons (down 4.8%), Russia with 60.4 million tons (down 6.6%), South Korea with 55.7 million tons (down 5%), Germany with 31.4 million tons (down 6.9%) and Turkey with 30.2 million tons (down 5.2%).



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